Funding Search

For many years both the federal and some state governments have recognised that the tough trading conditions make it difficult for many businesses to allocate funds to support all the R&D projects that would benefit a company. As a result, different government departments have allocated funds designed to off-set the cost of R&D, particularly where the outcome is improved capacity and profitability.

Our team has successfully helped numerous companies gain supporting funding from both state and federal programs.

Whether federal or state government backed, there is a company contribution that’s expected to go along with the grants from the government. The amount to be provided by a company or the government varies by the type of funding being applied for.

We have a good understanding of the types of funding available, who is providing the funds and the limitations of what the funds can be used for. In essence, projects can be funded in a variety of ways:

  • fully funded by a company (with R&D tax concessions).
  • a mix of company funds and government funds
  • a mix of company funds, government funds and industry association funding

If you have a project in mind, but not sure where to start, we can help identify the options for funding support and, if there is one that suits your project, work with you and help you through the application process.

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