Manufacturing Process Reviews

Looking to solve a problem, finds ways to improve a process or searching for new ideas in manufacturing?

We offer a review service for manufacturing processes and product design. By employing expertise in Green Chemistry (material design) and Green Engineering (process design) our services are unique and provide a fresh perspective. Our critical appraisals have the input of world leading researchers and industry professionals who have an excellent understanding of the best in sustainable materials and methods from around the world.

Our goal is to help you find solutions, and identify the opportunities and options that best suit your business operation. From materials sourcing to waste management and everything in between, we can help you find the areas worth committing time and money to.

From specific processes to a whole life cycle of your operation, a review can be from a number of perspectives – energy, water and raw material use, product design, product yield, product to waste ratios, hazard and toxicity reduction, carbon footprint, equipment capabilities, process streamlining, bio-based packaging and more. Depending on the needs of your business, we provide a targeted review conducted by a team of experts in the relevant field. We look forward to talking with you about better operations, better products and better profit with sustainable manufacturing.

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