Industrial bio-processing solutions - finding value in waste

It is generally accepted that the future of manufacturing will be dependent on efficient use of materials - creating more value, from less. This workshop discussed new and emerging technologies in bio-processing which are being utilised to convert waste biomass into high value added products.

This workshop included

  • Real world successes and activities by speakers from industry who are utilising new technologies.
  • An example of an SME's journey in bio-processing.
  • Capabilities of researchers investigating the feasibility of new bio-processing methods.
  • Key trends in the design for bio-processing manufacturing systems.
  • Capabilities of existing pilot scale reactors within Victoria.


This workshop was held on 4 December 2013 at Monash University in Clayton. Registration fee was $88.


Leo Hyde
R&D Manager - DuPont Australiasia & ASEAN.
"Value added materials from plant & food waste".

Brad Dunstan
"Growing advanced manufacturing technology enterprises"

Tony Duncan
CEO - Circa
"A journey towards commercialisation with small scale bio-processing".

Jack Ryan
Principal Research Scientist - CSIRO.
"Capabilities & expertise in bio-processing at CSIRO".

Milton Hearn
Lead Scientist - Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing.
"Industrial enzymes".


Like to see a repeat of this workshop, or something similar?

Dr Ian James
03 99050303

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