Future of Chemical Manufacturing - from Pots to Pipes

This workshop introduced flow chemistry and showed how it can be used in chemical manufacturing to improve cost base and OH&S/environmental performance. The workshop highlighted key design aspects of continuous flow manufacturing systems, and discussed recents developments in the science.


This workshop was held on 20 November 2013, at CSIRO in Clayton. Registration fee was $88


John Tsanaktsidis
Senior Principal Research Scientist - CSIRO.
"Flow chemistry - what is it and what can it do?".

Christian Hornung
Research Scientist - CSIRO.
"Recent developments in flow chemistry in Europe and Asia".

Ray Cranke
General Manager, Operations - Albright & Wilson.
"Superplasticisers, a challenge for Albright Wilson".


Like to see a repeat of this workshop, or something similar?

Dr Ian James
03 99050303

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