Finding Value in Organic Waste

Converting common wastes into energy and value added materials

Some 60% of waste going to Victorian landfill is organic material, and it’s disposal is a significant cost to many industries. Some companies, however, are successfully diverting this waste into cheap energy and new products.

This two-part workshop will explain different methods for extracting value from common organic wastes through energy (Bio-gas) production, processing for feed and fertiliser, and recovery of high value products including food additives & nutraceuticals.

This workshop covered:

  • Producing Bio-gas from organic waste.
  • Using Bio-gas to generate power on site and offset the cost of gas and electricity.
  • Processing options for Feed and Fertiliser.
  • Recovering High Value Products from organic wastes.

Industry focus:

  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Horticulture and Agriculture
  • Viticulture and Aquaculture
  • Municipal Green Waste Management

Energy from Waste

Introduced Bio-gas technologies, testing waste for Bio-gas potential, and assessing the commercial viability of using Bio-gas for on-site energy generation.

Presented by Dr Jayant Keskar (CRC CARE), who has over 22 years experience in biotechnology, anaerobic digestion and renewable energy, and is an expert in the field of Biogas.

Products from Waste

This session presented further options for extracting value from organic waste, including commercially available options for composting, drying and pelletising, as well as a showcase of the research technologies recovering highly valuable food and nutraceutical compounds.

Presenters were:


This event was held on Thursday 27 November 2014, at the Bayview on the Park Hotel in Melbourne.


For more information about this workshop, including contact details for Presenters, please contact:

Shankar Cumarasamy
03 99058695

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