• Jan 2022 - New PhD research student Adrian Corde joins the group.
  • Feb 2021 - New PhD research student Jonathan Lo joins the group.
  • Jan 2021 - New PhD research student Sheran Nanayakkara joins the group.
  • Nov 2020 - Invited review aritcle authored by Professors Thompson, Leweke and Hourigan appears in the top journal of fluid mechanics, Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (53), 2021.
  • Nov 2020 - FLAIR staff win Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP21) grant to support research on fluid-structure interaction.
  • Nov 2020 - Multiple Final-Year Projects are opening for 2021 in FLAIR's laboratory.
  • Jun 2020 - Joint work by researchers of FLAIR and Zhejiang University pinpointing optimum truck cabin conditions is reported on media.
  • Jan 2020 - New PhD student Anil Pasam joins FLAIR.
  • Dec 2019 - Methma Rajamuni has her PhD degree conferred.
  • Dec 2019 - FLAIR staff win Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant to support research on the mechanisms of rolling motions of bodies.
  • Nov 2019 - Dr. Jisheng Zhao wins an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award.
  • Nov 2018 - FLAIR staff win Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant to support research on flapping aerodynamics.
  • Oct 2018 - Shantanu Bhat has his PhD degree conferred.
  • Jul 2018 - Prof. Mark C. Thompson co-chairs BBVIV-7 in Marseillle, France.
  • Jun 2018 - Prof. Kerry Hourigan co-chairs IUTAM Symposium 2018 in Santorini, Greece.
  • May 2018 - PhD students Anchal Sareen and Shantanu Bhat submit their PhD theses.
  • May 2018 - Farah Houdroge, Damien Macarthur, Lawrence Wong and Shibo Wang have their PhD degrees conferred.
  • Apr 2018 - MEngSc(Res) student Daniah Aljuballi submits her thesis.
  • Mar 2018 - PhD research students Stephen Terrington and Daniel Dehtyriov join FLAIR.
  • Mar 2018 - Stephen Terrington wins the prestigious James McNeill scholarship.
  • Sep 2017 - New PhD research students Shian Chi and Gershom Easennesan join FLAIR.
  • Aug 2017 - New PhD research student Thomas McQueen joins the group.
  • Dec 2016 - Prof. Charles H. K. Williamson from Cornell University visits FLAIR.
  • Dec 2016 - FLAIR researchers present their work at AFMC20 conference in Perth.
  • Nov 2016 - FLAIR staff win one Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant
  • Jan 2016 - New postgraduate and final year projects available.
  • Aug 2015 - New postgraduate and final year projects available.
  • Mar 2015 - FLAIR talks for 2015 to commence from 16 March at G05, 17 College Walk.
  • Feb 2015 - Jisheng Zhao joins the group as a post-doctoral fellow to manage the FLAIR water tunnel facility.
  • Jan 2015 - Kerry Hourigan's team appear in the NCI Jan 2015 newsletter.
  • Dec 2014 - FLAIR staff present their work at 19 AFMC in Melbourne.
  • Nov 2014 - FLAIR staff win two large Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grants to support both computational and experimental projects on flow-induced vibration and wakes.
  • Oct 2014 - New PhD research students Anchal Sareen, Shantanu Bhat join the group.
  • Jul 2014 - New PhD research students Farah Houdroge, Shibo Wang and Subhadip Roy join the group.
  • Jul 2014 - FLAIR staff awarded 150 TB of storage under the RDSI ReDS Scheme for experimental and numerical work.
  • Jun 2014 - Crouch et al appear on the cover of Journal of Fluid Mechanics, vol 748.


Prospective research students with are encouraged to visit the scholarships section under Research tab on the homepage. Herein are the links to Monash Institute of Graduate Research (MIGR), application procedures for research programs and the scholarships available for Australian and international students*. Please contact MIGR for queries on application details.

Information for final year project students can be found here.

*International students may need to refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) webpages prior to applying for a research program in Australia.


FLAIR specialises in experimental and computational fluid mechanics research. Our strength is fundamental investigation of fluids problems which impact the automotive, aeronautical, industrial and bio-medical fields. Findings from our research are published in leading journals worldwide.

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